by Lloyd M. Polentz
Loading and unloading our 14 ft. aluminum cartopper used to be such a nuisance that it hardly seemed worthwhile taking it along on camping trips. This simple boat loader solved all our problems and turned out to be better suited to our needs than any of the commercial loaders we have seen. We wanted something that would allow us to load and unload the boat without having to unhitch our camping trailer. This automatically ruled out all rear-loading designs, It also had to be compact and “self-storing,” not some special device we would have to erect each time we wanted to use it and which would take up precious storage space in car or trailer. The design we finally came up with is basically just a plywood platform equipped with a 2x4 loading bar. The bar has a pivot at one end and a caster on the other. A simple latch locks it parallel to the side of the platform during the first part of the loading process.