#5433--COMFORT--A Scow Houseboat
by C. A. Nedwidek
Design and building instructions for a popular type craft adapted to summer service and arranged to accommodate the entire family with a few guests   
Comfort, according to some may not be what they would call a boat, in one sense of the word she is not, bu~ she is a comfortable floating home, one, that if one should by any chance get tired of the scenery or locality can be moved to another. The actual construction of this scow houseboat is simple. No line to be laid down and faired up, as would be necessary on any other type of boat. Just straight away simple work, all square joints. With the possible exception of the hull itself the rest of the work is about the same as would be encountered in building a small frame house. If this job is tackled by the amateur boatbuildei the biggest problem he wifl be up against is to find a place~to build. This should be as near the water as possible for when completed it will be a very heavy and cumbersome craft to handle, particularly out of water.