Designed by Chester A. Nedwidek
Attractive design for a little boat designed particularly for amateur boat builders and arranged to accommodate several persons

Turtle, a smart little Cruiser, designed for service in very shallow water, will make an ideal boat for exploring creeks and shallow rivers. As designed she can accommodate two people on the berths in the cabin, as the hull is sheathed in the back of the berths no uppers are provided for; if wanted these can easily be installed, giving her sleeping accommodations for four instead of two. The forward cockpit is an ideal place to sit and enjoy the scenery while cruising up some winding creek, when one never knows what view will greet the eye next. In regard to the design of the hull this has been kept as simple as possible, vee bottom, the sides have been given a little shape that is a flare forward and tumblehome aft to take away some of the boxy look that a straight section boat would have.