#5390--UTILITY --An 18 Ft. Work Boat
by Captain W. Mack Angas (CEC) U.S.N.
When several small boats were needed for the Public Works Division of the Charleston Navy Yard, it was considered worth while to try and fine or develop something better than the traditional bateau. We therefore decied to adopt the basic idea of a punt type outboard driven utility boat and design a boat of the size needed. The result was Utility, as handy and useful an eighteen foot work boat as could be desired for the multiudinous odd jobs that fall to the lot of the survey party and waterfront gang at a shipyard. To facilitate beaching, to give working room in the forward end of the cockpit, and to promote stability when heavily loaded forward the boat was given an unusually wide forward transom or stem, but she nevertheless has easy lines and should not be confused with the shapeless boxes that only too often masquerade as punts. Though not built or intended for speed, Utility slips over the water with surprisingly little fuss and has proved considerably faster, when driven by a 5 horse power service motor ahdna 16 foot flat bottom row boat driven by a similar motor.