#5299--HYDROKART--Three-Point Hydroplane Uses Dual Kart Engines
by William Jackson and Wayne Ison
In one week’s spore time, you can build this 50-mph competition-type hull. Powered by those air-cooled high-speed engines, it offers a new thrill afloat.
Have you been wondering what it would be like to run your kart engines on a small three-pointer at top speed with so little of the boat in the water the sensation is that of flying? Here’s your opportunity to get in on karting fun afloat. If your goal is competition, you’ll want to keep the weight of your "Hydro-Kart" below 100 lbs. The best way to do this is to use l/8 mahogany plywood over spruce framing with bronze or monel fastenings. For economy, however, you can use fir exterior plywood and galvanized fastenings which may put you just over the 100lb. mark, but will not noticeably affect nerformance.